Why is coworking at Parc Bit the best place to work?

Over the last few years working in a coworking has become a common practice among professionals from all over the world, who share a workspace with other coworkers. Coworking is not exclusive to a specific type of professional. However, it is a very attractive work style for freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads and SMEs. Cowork BIT is a coworking space in Palma de Mallorca.You will work surrounded by nature and fresh air, in an unbeatable professional environment.

If you are considering working in a coworking space, but you are still not sure what benefits it offers you, stay to find out its advantages: 

Labour Flexibility

New ways of working aspire to a more flexible employment model, and this is one of the advantages of working in a coworking space.

At CoworkBit, our hours are flexible with 24/7 access without having to rely on fixed check-in and check-out times. Unlike traditional offices, at Coworkbit we don't tie anyone to a fixed schedule: you can come and go as you please with our smart door. Do you prefer to work during the day, at night, in the evenings or for 8 hours? No one imposes the way you organise your work! 

On the other hand, within the coworking you will be able to change environments.

Another flexibility we offer at CoworkBit is in relation to the rental contract. While the majority of offices tend to have contracts tied to a durability, in our coworking there are different plans. The most common are the fixed desk or hot desk, both with a monthly fee. This way, you are not tied to anything. Even if you want to rent your space for hours, days or weeks at CoworkBit it is also possible with our vouchers.

2. Encourage networking and build community

At CoworkBit we promote at an accelerated pace the expansion of your business by expanding your network of contacts. One of the biggest advantages of working in a coworking in Mallorca is creating synergies between coworkers. Networking is an opportunity to collaborate, develop business and grow professionally. Remember that meeting new people and creating valuable relationships can be useful to boost your project or business. If you want to know more about the benefits of networking we suggest you read: 

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Another advantage of coworking is the visibility you can give to your business. If you work independently, you will create a barrier between your project and the professionals who can help you make it grow. 

Business can be driven to a large extent by networking. We have already seen how networking can help us create strategic relationships for our projects. Coworkers may well be partners, collaborators or future clients.

We know how hard it is to believe it, that's why at CoworkBit we invite you to try it for free an "all included" Desk for 2 days with no commitment, it's up to you! 🖥

Contact us at

3. Inspiration, Creativity and Innovation

At CoworkBit you can find the impulse you need to boost your projects and grow your business. In our space you will be surrounded by heterogeneous professionals with fresh and suggestive ideas. Get to know how your colleagues work and feed yourself with new ideas and new points of view to channel your projects.

Now that you know that coworking spaces can benefit you and/or your company, it is time to choose your shared office space. Cowork Bit is your shared workspace in Mallorca that allows you to tailor your experience to your needs - you choose what kind of coworker you want to be! 


4. Cost savings

One of the main difficulties for entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs when launching a business is finding a place to set up. So working in a coworking a coworking space is more affordable than setting up a private office.

At Coworkbit we offer an exclusive private space for all those startups or SMEs that want to have a private room to work together. Cost savings is one of the great benefits of coworking for this type of company as it offers the best way to work in an office with minimal investment. Forget about administrative issues and services (water, electricity, internet, cleaning, etc.). In this way, with the payment of the monthly fee you will not have headaches and you will be able to focus on what is important: your business..

5. Bye Bye Bye distractions

Whether you work at home or in a coffee shop, you are exposed to distractions of all kinds, reducing your productivity at work. That's why coworking is designed to give you the concentration you need. Moreover, seeing other professionals at work is a psychological factor that boosts your work motivation. So CoworkBit's space adds an extra boost of motivation to your day. 

CoworkBit is conceived and designed to work in a flexible, collaborative, creative and as productive way as possible. It is not a "fad", but a way of working with great benefits compared to other ways of working. We encourage you to discover it with your own eyes!

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