What is coworking?

L oorking spaces in Palma are excellent alternatives to private offices for freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies. With a global shift towards more agile and flexible work, professionals have realised the benefits and opportunities that come with this way of working.

But what exactly is a coworking space? Coworking is when people from different organisations and sectors share an office space. The so-called coworkers, who are part of this workspace, can get to share knowledge, generate ideas and network with each other in a way that is not always possible in a traditional office.

Work, Meet & Fun

Coworking allows professionals to work on independent, like-minded projects. As such, this style of working fosters a collaborative environment that helps workers from different sectors to share ideas and build relationships. Creating synergies and collaboration are two advantages that allow professionals to share their knowledge and work in teams from different sectors. Communicating with others outside your company can foster creativity and help explore new ideas, encouraging innovation and more productive ways of working as a team.

We know how hard it is to believe, that's why at CoworkBit we invite you to try it for free an "all included" Desk for 2 days with no commitment, you decide! 🖥

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Now that you know that coworking spaces can benefit you and/or your company, it is time to choose your shared office space. Cowork Bit is your shared workspace in Mallorca that allows you to tailor your experience to your needs - you choose what kind of coworker you want to be! 


Work "just like at home".

Coworkbit has workspaces for freelancers, creative workers and entrepreneurs who are looking for more than just a conventional office. We are not just a coworking space, we are a community of professionals with whom you can learn, collaborate and share.

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